Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where we are

Troo Punx is not operated in a fixed location. What's most important to us is getting the music you want to you, as inexpensively as possible. That's why We've got that list of titles below, and I'm going to make a list of places to find us, as well as some delivery options as well.

If your'e really wanting something we have, and you can't wait for it, this is where it is. We will also deliver. Call or Text 850.339.6419
Troo Punx Warehouse
721 California St

This week.
Sunday, November 29
The Farside
iny Teeth
Buff Clout
Prideland Voyager's Club
Holiday Shores

Thursday, Decemebr 3
The Farside
The Golden Age
Ka Plaa

Friday, December 4th
Anchor Arms
Spanish Gamble
Homemade Handgrenade
Arkham's Gate

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